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Webforest Digital Solutions Strengthens its Manpower

“Activating collaboration with efficient delegation geared towards the company’s vision.”

The theme of this year’s Team building activity speaks a lot about collaboration and delegation to achieve the company’s vision. Aiming to strengthen the small yet well-rounded team of Webforest Digital Solutions, it recently conducted its Team Building activity as initiated by its Managing Director and owner Mr. Prinz Nikko Palahang. On June 10 – 12, 2023, the employees immersed themselves with the beauty and sanctuary of Camiguin Island. The company prepared a set of activities as part of its itinerary. 

Leaving the path from Cagayan de Oro city early in the morning, the employees traveled a few hours to reach Balingoan and rode a Super Shuttle Ferry to reach Camiguin Island with approximately one hour travel. It was an exciting ride as they faced strong waves brought by the weather.

Arriving in the scenic place of Camiguin, Webforest employees rushed their way to their accommodation, the newly established yet plausible place and staff at Duminikaw Vibes Resort situated at Sagay, Camiguin. Duminikaw offers bed and breakfast with garden view, cozy coffee shop, event hall and a place for bonfire activities. A delightful food package dinner was shared by the employees from Stairway’s Restobar, Mambajao Camiguin. Then, there were short activities to spice up the first night at Camiguin including Pinoy Henyo, Pass the message and Office Trivia. The night concluded with a mild social drinking among the employees.

Rising up early in the morning, the employees enjoyed the affordable yet satisfying breakfast served at Duminikaw. First location for the second day itinerary was a 20-minute ride to Sto. Niño Cold Spring found in the town of Sagay, Province of Camiguin. It is best known for its cool and fresh spring water flowing from nearby Mt. Mambajao. Despite the cool air in June, the employees had fun swimming at the cold spring with small talks among their workmates. Next stop was  the tallest waterfall in Camiguin island, the Katibawasan Falls flowing 70 meters tall. The waterfall was freezing cold and offered a great view to capture and body relaxation. Moving on to the next place in the itinerary, a must-visit place in the island of Camiguin, 30-minute ride from Katibawasan falls, the Mantigue Island is a protected marine sanctuary that boasts white sand beaches, turquoise waters, colorful coral reefs, and a lush nature park. It was an ideal place for team building activities. Gathered in a boodle fight for lunch, Webforest employees enjoyed the beach vibe at Mantigue Island. Also, there were sets of activities prepared for the Beach Olympics including perfect square, water relay, hula hoop pass and spaghetti and mallow tower. They also get to enjoy swimming in the crystal clear and clean beach waters of Mantigue Island.

Before moving back to Duminikaw, the team enjoyed a sumptuous meal treat by Sir Prinz Nikko at Alex Restaurant + Bar with live music played. While Duminikaw offers a bonfire area, the team had their short “Never have I ever” game while holding their drinks to take a shot after reflecting if they have done the statements stated in the game. After honestly revealing their actions, each one had the chance to share some of their unforgettable memories, even those that were embarrassing to them. Sir Prinz also conducted his playful games, flip cup and beer pong. The night ended with social drinking with card games and number rule games. It was indeed a day full of fun, enjoyment and memories to keep. 

The last day of the itinerary offered more site visits and entertainment at White Island Beach, a 10-minute boat ride from white Island ferry terminal. The powdery shore that is completely bare gave the team the sun-bathing and exciting snorkeling experience. The last two on the list is the historically nurtured place of Sunken Cemetery and Old Church ruins. With the help of the tour guide, the team appreciated the history of the two spots and got to have instagrammable shots by the tour guide. Lastly, the employees get to have souvenirs from shops alongside the road to help them capture and preserve their memories in Camiguin. The 3-day Team building activity of Webforest Digital Solutions provided an avenue for its employees to relate, bond, communicate, and experience fun with their workmates thus reassuring stronger relationship and cohesiveness in teams, internalization of company values and vision and having good communication to increase work relation. Webforest Digital Solutions believe that “Company’s success lies in a team built with a mix of professional skills and the right attitude” and this has made the company slowly yet strongly building its name.