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Christmas Outreach 2022

“Being involved in the community helps to shape your thinking. The outreach in being a blessing to others is a resource for reflection and much gratitude.”

― Germany Kent
,Webforest Digital Solutions Team, Evoke Fragrance Bar Sales Staff and Volunteers

Giving back to the communities has always been part of our company’s culture. Hence, this year, we did not miss the chance to do so by doing our annual outreach program. With weeks of preparation, time spent packing, and a day spent giving, we are thrilled that our outreach programs were a great success!

Last December 19, 2022, our team here in Webforest Digital Solutions, Evoke Fragrance Bar and along with the help of many people, our planned events and activities were realized. Kids from Northern Mindanao Medical Center Oncology/ Pedia Unit, J.R. Borja General Hospital and Brgy. Consolacion Day Care were able to receive meals and gifts. With a total of 180 kids, this year’s outreach program was our biggest one yet!

Along with His Life Ministries, we were able to co-organize a Christmas Party for the kids from NMMC Onco/Pedia Unit. The smiles from these young kids show how strong they are; you wouldn’t even have a clue that some of them will be having their chemotherapy that afternoon. They had fun with their coloring activities using their school kits. We were also able to give cash incentives to their parents, which they are very grateful for.

Our outreach at J.R. Borja General Hospital was a great success as well. Although our visit in the hospital was short because we had to comply with the protocols, it doesn’t mean that they received less and they did not have a lasting impact on us. All of the kids in the Pediatric ward were delighted to receive their meal, school kit, toiletries kit, goods, and toys. The kids warmed our hearts as they received the gifts with gladness.

The last trip of the three-site outreach was Brgy. Consolacion where the kids, and kids-at-heart were smiling from ear-to-ear because of the star of the show Jollibee. The brand character made an appearance when the kids were done with their games and meals. Jollibee did not fail to bring joy to the kids (and even to the company staff) as he showcased his dance moves!

There is really something about giving that will make you realize the beauty of mundane things like a simple meal; it will make you appreciate the gift of life even more, and it definitely gives you a sense of satisfaction knowing you brought a smile to someone’s life even for a short while. Life has been tough lately and we never knew the things that these kids and their parents are going through.

None of these events will come to life if it’s for the generosity of many. Special thanks to Jollibee, HSEIC, Chemworld Fragrance Factory, Skywalker Digital Solutions, ISOBiz, Kudosable, Metodo Zenon, Ayush, Palahang Family, Elhag Family, Carbonilla family, John Amba, Erika Marcelo and Juchille Mae Entanal who took this opportunity to be a part of our movement. Your kindness and generosity may seem small, but it meant a lot to the receiving end of that kindness. During the events, we were the ones whom these kids and parents thanked, and so we would love to mention and give credit where credit is due. We are beyond grateful to the ones who gave in-kind and monetary donations.

We hope for a bigger number of kids next year because we desire nothing more but to bring hope, and light to the kids who face great uncertainty and the little ones who have brave hearts who battle sickness some can’t even defeat. It is a privilege to give, indeed!